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Year 6/7 Camp

The most recent Year 6/7 camp was an action-packed aquatics and adventure camp at Woodhouse and Victor Harbor. Provided for all Year 6 and 7 students, this was a fully catered camp that provided close to 6 meals a day with dormitories and facilities to keep students occupied and engaged, even when not partaking in the aquatics activities.

Day one of the camp was spent at Woodhouse, where students participated in orienteering activities and challenge hill. This was a great opportunity for students to work together as a team and use their communication and collaborative skills to ensure overall success.

The following two days of the camp, students spent participating in a wide variety of aquatics activities including kayaking, wind surfing, sailing and snorkelling.

Additionally, students were provided with Surf Ed opportunities, where they went to Middleton Beach to learn how to surf and body board.

Night walks, talent shows and friendly competitions also helped to fill in the time and allowed students to both form new friendships and strengthen pre-existing ones.

This camp provides all students with new experiences and with the chance to learn new skills. This presents each student with opportunities that will help them to become more resilient, persistent, open-minded and courageous as they partake in activities that they may be otherwise unfamiliar with.

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Year 5 Camp

The Year 5s in Mr Holbrook and Ms Price’s class went to Kuitpo forest earlier this term for their camp. The focus of this camp was very different to previous experiences with an emphasis on the students being responsible for organising many aspects of the camp and being independent. This required many meetings where we co-designed how the camp would be run (including catering and accommodation) and what activities they would be undertaking.

The first day we completed a 12km bush walk in fairly hot conditions. I’m sure if we gave them the chance of hopping on a bus halfway through, most students would have taken it, however the sense of achievement at completing the walk and arriving at our campsite on time, meant the hard work was worth it.

It was then time to erect their tents, investigate the ‘long-drop’ and start cooking their tea. All students were responsible for planning their menu and cooking the food themselves.

Day 2 involved students in 3 groups rotating through 3 x 2 hour sessions including mountain bike riding, camp cooking and a range of initiative activities. That evening as the storm was approaching they all learnt about the importance of correctly securing their tents and tensioning their fly. Over 100 extra pegs were hammered in just before dark.

After surviving a windy night our final day saw students complete 3 more activities including an orienteering course; a ‘mystery box’ cooking challenge and a furniture design and construction building activity using ‘sticklets’.

Overall, the camp was a great success with very positive comments from students. We are already planning to run the camp again next year, with some minor modifications to the programme based on the feedback received. Thank you to all staff involved for your continued commitment to providing these experiences for students and a special thank you to Jenny Burgoyne who supported us as a parent volunteer for the whole 3 days.



Year 5 Camp Year 5 Camp Year 5 Camp Year 5 Camp Year 5 Camp

Year 5 Camp

Narnu Farm

In 2017, the Year Threes and Room 6 Year Twos went on a camp to Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island. The students learned about farm life - past and present. They were involved in feeding the horses and lots of farm animals and pets. All thought the horse riding great fun. The students were also involved with hand ploughing, butter making, observing a blacksmith at work and looking at historic farming equipment, including wagons. A great time was had by all.

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Narnu Farm Narnu Farm Narnu Farm

Narnu Farm

2018 Camp Schedule




Approx Cost

Year 2/3s: Rooms 2&3; Sarah and Ms Tasker

Victor Harbor

22nd/23rd March


Year 6&7s; Rooms 8,9 and Cottage; Mr Holbrook and Ms Heading/Hesketh-Smith and Jess

Naracoorte Caves

4th – 7th June


Year 3/4 & 4/5s: Rooms 1 and 7; Ms Armstrong and Griffiths


25th/26th June


Year 5s; Rooms 8 & 9; Mr Holbrook and Ms Heading/Hesketh-Smith

Kuitpo Forest

19-21st Sept.

~ $140 TBC