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Woodside Primary School SALA Exhibition 2020

"Healing Land"

About "Healing Land"

For the past six years our school has held an annual art exhibition for the South Australian Living Artists Festival. This has always taken place at “The Olive Branch CafĂ©” in Balhannah and we thank Nicole and Brent for their support.

This public display has always been well received by the community and has given students an authentic experience for their creativity.

With Covid 19 restrictions we decided that the most responsible way of showing students work this year would be as an online exhibition.

“Healing Land” is a response to our experiences with the December 2019 bushfires. Many of our families have been affected by the fires. Our students are now reflecting on hope in their art work as they witness the kindness of our community and the resilience of the environment as it begins to regenerate.