Woodside Primary School

School Uniform

Woodside Primary School Girls Uniform ImageIn a climate where security is paramount, uniform colours assist yard duty teachers in monitoring the perimeter of the school site. If a student is unable to wear school colours on a particular day they will be asked to remain in the areas immediately adjacent to the Staff room or under supervision in the Resource Centre.


The same duty of care provisions apply when a class is on excursion and uniform colours are of great assistance when supervising a group. Please speak to the Principal if this requirement needs further clarification. Most uniform items are available from the school office during school hours.

School dresses are made to order and are available from the Uniform Shop in Mt Barker.

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Woodside Primary School Hat Image
For outside play and study activities, conducted in unshaded areas, approved hats must be worn. Approved hats are those that provide shade to the face, neck and ears. Currently our school sells two styles of approved hats - legionnaire and broad brimmed.

The policy, "No hat - no play" applies in terms 1 and 4. Students not wearing approved hats are required to remain in the shade.


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